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Finally the low dust, highly absorbent shavings are brought
to our bagging area where they are compressed into
economical sized bags and sealed to ensure the shavings
remain dry and ready for use by our customers.

Raw pine logs arrive to our facility where they are checked
for quality and consistency. We stock enough inventory to
guarantee delivery for our customers. Having a certified
Forester on staff allows us to audit each truckload of
material for quality. It also ensures that the proper mix of
wood species arrives to maintain our strict standards and

​​​​​​​Our Passion Shows in the Product We Produce...

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Shavings are passed through the rotary drum dryer. It superheats and fluffs them, ensuring extremely low moisture,
maximum absorbency, and fluffiness. It also leaves the
product devoid of bacteria, molds and mildew. The result is
a super absorbent healthy shaving.

Logs are freshly shaved through a dedicated piece of
equipment that produces extremely thin, flaky and
absorbent product. Two shaving mills are employed in our
process for redundancy. We calibrate and blend the output
of these mills for a perfect recipe of sizes, shapes, and
lengths. This ensures the best possible product goes into
our bags.


Why Choose Plainville?

Two times during the production process, the shavings
are passed through a screening machine that removes any
splinters chips or shards. In addition, fine dust particles are
removed which can be harmful to your animals.

  • We offer thin, flaky, long shavings of different sizes giving you a perfect pick every time.
  • We use soft wood species to ensure top quality product that is consistent, super absorbent, and rot free.
  • Our product never touches the ground and is super heated during the drying process to kill bacteria, fungus and molds.
  • Every shipment comes with a delivery guarantee, even on last minute emergency orders.
  • We offer Bagged and Bulk Delivery,