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​Don't Trust the Health and Performance of your horse to anyone else.​ We are the Healthy, High Quality Choice for your bedding needs.

100% Natural

At Plainville we have a passion for animals and that translates into having a passion for creating the absolute best possible wood shaving for our customers.  We understand what it takes to produce the highest quality wood shaving and our passion shows in our product.

We are a family run manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the absolute best quality bedding for the equine industry.  Our sole business is to manufacture the highest quality wood shavings for our customers.  On the contrary, sawmills sell shavings that are a waste product of their business.  The health and performance of your animals is directly impacted  by what you choose for bedding.  Our product is made with the highest standards and quality control to ensure your animals are healthy and strong. 

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"Healthy, High Quality Bedding."

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