A few FAQs...

What kind of commitment do we have to the environment?

  • Plainville Wood Shavings is committed to the environment.  We use every bit of material from the trees that we acquire through managed timber resource lands.  

What commitment do we have to our Users of the Product?

  • We love animals and have a passion for what we produce. We want your complete satisfaction!
  • Our product is consistent in quality, product species mix, moisture content, size and pick.
  • All we do is manufacture Wood Shavings. This is not a by-product or some after thought.
  • Our drying process is unique to the area. It kills Bacteria, molds and mildew.
  • Product never touches the soil.

What commitment do we have to our Resellers?

  • We offer Bagged, or Bulk Delivery.
  • We offer delivery guarantees, and last minute emergency orders.
  • We can bag plastic.
  • We have dedicated territory agreements when meeting certain thresholds.

Why Choose Plainville?

​​​​​​​Our Passion Shows in the Product We Produce...

​Don't Trust the Health and Performance of your horse to anyone else.​ We are the Healthy, High Quality Choice for your bedding needs.

  • We offer thin, flaky, long shavings of different sizes giving you a perfect pick every time.
  • We use soft wood species to ensure top quality product that is consistent, super absorbent, and rot free.
  • Our product never touches the ground and is super heated during the drying process to kill bacteria, fungus and molds.
  • Every shipment comes with a delivery guarantee, even on last minute emergency orders.
  • We offer Bagged and Bulk Delivery,

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